Anonymous asked: “ DINO!!Mukuro is trying to seduce tsuna!!!!What will you do? ”

No one is allowed to touch my Tsuna!

wow ok totally forgot to update this blog and other pair one

Gonna try to update again starting this week and especially upcoming 27th December!    <3 

otaku-and-friends asked: “ W-what hibari-san said about your's r-relationship?I-i mean . . .unh. . .WAHHH!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW I CAN PUT THIS IN WORDS, I MEAN 1827 AND ALL ... I'M CONFUSED...Y^Y. . .i see the future(ask-tyl1827) this mean that in the future they'll break up and tsuna will go to hibari arms??? my head hurts (Y^Y) ”


Is it wrong for each fandoms to have an ask-blog?

It doesn’t require for each ask blogs to have a connection to one another.

Thank you.


Since I haven’t been drawing D27 ashhadhahdshadsa;;
too sleepy but I still wanna—-


I won’t be able to answer any questions, too many projects for now.

I’m so sorry! But please wait till I come back! ;A;/


My job is done